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Replica Glass Fibre have been operating for 38 years.  Responsible for glass fibre mould designs and manufacturing, GRP specialists, within architectual supplies. Developing techniques which are not currently taught in any institution, although workshops are being created for the local Universities and Colleges teaching design and art to which will eventually lead to degree level. Producing quality products, from period motif designs and furniture to modern art deco, signs and furniture. Specialist glass fibre design to order from one off units to large commissions, individual designs or complete replication to detail, ideal for grade I and II listed buildings in the process of renovation or a good source for architects requiring architectural supplies.

Most recent designs will be seen on the new Big Brother show, in the form of the architecture and furniture.

A list of our prestigious customer base:-

Aston Martin

q      Mac Donalds

q       Gibbs Mew

q       Coca Cola

q       British Heart Foundation

q       Burger King

q       Spa Hotel - Tunbridge Wells

q       Arkana Chairs

q       Clock Face of St Pancra Station - British Heritage

q       Sky Head Office Desk..

q       Big Brother - architecture and furniture.

q       Tate Gallery 




St Pancreas Clock, on behalf of English Heritage


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